It all began in the fall of 2014 with a phone call to a friend that led to a late night in Boston's South End...a lot of things start out that way! And so, with a passion for craft beer and New England traditions, Stone Path Malt was founded by two local entrepreneurs who grew up together in Central Massachusetts. While traveling to Germany in early 2015 we met a 5th generation craft maltster operating a family owned malthouse in Bavaria, Germany. Sharing our vision over a two day period we formed a lifetime friendship and business partnership. Through this partnership, Stone Path Malt will combine traditional malting methods with innovative process technology to produce locally crafted malt for locally crafted beer…and we’ll do it right here in New England!

Mike & Mark

Pictured above are Mike, Stephan & Mark


It’s your journey...choose your path

Centuries ago, ancient civilizations journeyed on stone paths that guided them to their lofty destinations. Paths that previously brought uncertainty and hardship were paved with stone to enable a certain and reliable journey. Stone Path Malt provides craft malt products to pave the paths of brewers journeys.

Whether your journey is creating a new seasonal beer or crafting an old standard, choosing Stone Path Malt will bring a certain and reliable color, flavor and aroma that will uniquely define your product and keep your customers coming back for more.


It’s your journey – choose your path.

 Choose Stone Path Malt!