roasted barley

Ireks chocolate malt now available for your next craft porter or stout!

It is Valentines Day so we thought it would be a good time to feature our Chocolate malt. A fresh shipment just arrived from our German partner Ireks Malt.

This IREKS roasted barley malt does not only give the beers a more intensive level of color, it also provides impressions reminiscent of dark chocolate or coffee. Standard specification: Method*

IREKS Chocolate Malt Colour: 800 - 1000 EBC Lovibond: 300 - 380

Moisture Content < 5 %

Wort Colour 800 - 1000 EBC units 3.2.3 and

One of our favorites around the tap-room comes from Down The Road Brewing in Everett MA. They use a combination of our pilsner and chocolate malt for their Hot Cocoa Porter.