Schneider Weisse Now available in our tap room

We are excited to feature a beer and brewery with such great tradition in our tap-room. Schneider Weisse features malt from our German partner, Ireks Maltz. All available to order for your next craft beer.

The Schneider Weisse is a family owned German weissbier (wheat beer) brewery. The brewery is headquartered in Kelheim, Bavaria, on the banks of the Danube northeast of Munich. It was in Kelheim, where Bavarian Duke Maximilian I (1573 to 1651), owner of the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, built a brand new weissbier brewery in 1607. This was only a few years after the ruling Bavarian dynasty, the Wittelsbach family, had instituted a weissbier monopoly for themselves in 1602—a monopoly that was to last until 1798. After 1602, only the dukes of Bavaria—and no commoner—could brew weissbier, because the beer was in technical violation of the Bavarian 1516 Beer Purity Law, which permitted only barley, hops, and water to be used in beer. ( reinheitsgebot ) In 1607, Maximilian built a Weisses Bräuhaus (white brewery) specifically for his wheat beer, right next to his “brown beer” Hofbräuhaus brewery. By the middle of the 19th century, however, top-fermented weissbier had fallen out of favor with Bavarians, who preferred the modern, somewhat cleaner tasting bottom- fermented lagers. But Georg Schneider I (1817 to 1890), a brewmaster, continued to believe in weissbier. So he leased the once-profitable Weisses Bräuhaus from the Wittelsbach family, in 1855.

Come try this delicious beer in our tap room while it lasts! 

11 Kendrick Rd Wareham MA

Weds - Friday 4 - 8

Sat 1 - 8