WAREHAM, Mass. – Effective Jan. 3, 2019, Dave Hunter joined Stone Path Malt as Sales and Marketing Director, leading product, services and brand expansion for their locally crafted and imported malt, as well as Stone Path Malt’s on-premise tap room located in Wareham, Mass.

“With the recent opening of our local malting operation and tap room, we have a unique opportunity to engage New England craft brewers and beer enthusiasts in the creative journey of craft beer. Dave Hunter brings more than a decade of experience partnering with craft brewers, distributers and beer ingredient suppliers to meet the ever-changing demands of our market and deliver the highest caliber craft beer,” said Michael Schroth, co-founder, Stone Path Malt.

Hunter joins a growing leadership team at Stone Path Malt since the unveiling of its 30,000-square-foot malting facility and 3,000-square-foot tap room in September 2018. In its fifth year of operation, Stone Path Malt, located at 11 Kendrick Rd. in Wareham, Mass., is combining traditional craft malting methods with innovative processes technology to offer craft brewers a unique offering of high quality premium malt produced in New England. The new facility allows Stone Path Malt to offer both premium imported German malt as well as locally crafted and custom malts on a scale that meets the needs of the most quality centric and innovative craft brewers. In addition to engaging local craft brewers at the facility, the new tap room serves as both an educational and fun space for craft beer enthusiasts to share a pint of the region’s finest beers on tap all “Brewed with Stone Path Malt.”

“Stone Path Malt is uniquely positioned through its partnership with IREKS, GmbH, to provide New England craft brewers with a full complement of German imported malts in addition to supplying a premium locally crafted malt. Malting in our Kaspar Schulz drum style system we can produce 10 tons of custom malt for a local brewer in a one-week period that can serve as the foundation for truly any beer,” said Hunter. “Additionally, the tap room offers an opportunity for us to showcase our customers beer in an inviting and friendly gathering place.”

“Our goal is to supply our customers with a premium product that meets their demand for quality, consistency and scale. Our local malting operation allows us to engage with all brewers large and small to educate them about the malting process enabling them to develop new and innovative beers made with our locally crafted malts. Dave will build upon our existing relationships to create new meaningful partnerships in the craft beer industry and our local community. For this we’ll tap into Dave’s experience to further our brand that stretches beyond the path of our malt,” said Schroth.

Dave Hunter joins Stone Path Malt from Michigan-based Hop Head Farms and brings nearly 15 years of experience partnering with companies across the craft beer supply chain with an emphasis on the local New England market.


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