New England Malt and a Local Craft Beer Collaboration

In September our friends from Down The Road Beer Company. located in Everett, MA visited our malting facility in Wareham, MA. They came to experience our Kaspar Schulz 10 ton malting system in action and to learn more about our unique process that produces local malt “crafted with tradition and technology”. Over a pint of Down The Road’s “Dreamtime” a New England Style IPA “Brewed with Stone Path Malt” Antoine Martin and Isaiah Reynolds and Mike Schroth brainstormed on unique New England traditions that could be captured in a craft beer. The challenge they came up with was to capture the color, aroma and flavor of a New England traditional brown bread in a local craft beer and the rest as they say is history…a collaboration to brew a Boston Brown Bread Ale was formed.

For the past few years, Mike had been home baking the New England traditional brown bread to re-create what his grandmother used to bake in a coffee can on Saturday nights and pair with homemade bake beans and local hot dogs. He shared the story with Isaiah and Antoine and then followed up a few weeks later with a can of bread warm and fresh out-of-the oven delivered to Donovan Bailey Founder of Down The Road Beer Company. Donovan had grown up with a similar history eating B&M Boston Brown Bread made in Maine. The team sampled the bread (with butter and cream cheese) and based on Mike’s bread recipe (which uses some local Munich malted barley flour), the grain bill was created to include Stone Path Malt’s local malt Nor’East Gold base malt combined with some of their specialty malts including Wheat, Rye and a Special “Brown” aroma malt. Brewers at DTRB figured out how to incorporate the flavor of the breads raisins and molasses and then promote the malt forward flavors with a Belgian Beer Style yeast.

 In November, the collaboration beer was brewed at Down The Road with Donavan, Antoine, Isaiah, Mike and Bryan Taylor Malster at Stone Path Malt. Bryan shared some history on the barley variety and discussed with Isaiah how our malting process for the Nor’East Gold might influence the mash results.

What started with some “Dreamtime” and a shared passion to create something representing the unique history of New England, is now released as  “Boston Brown Bread Ale”  and on tap at both Down The Road and Stone Path Malt. This beer meets the lofty challenge and fully captures the color, aroma and flavor of the traditional brown bread in a local craft beer. If you like Boston Brown Bread, you’ll love this beer.