5 Reasons Why Choosing A Locally Malted Grain Is Good for Your Beer and Your Business:

  1. Local malt is fresh – the malting process takes seven days to complete. After cleaning and bagging, you can be brewing with a locally malted grain in less than two weeks. That’s fresh and fresh is good!

  2. Locally malted grain can improve locally brewed beer – brewers’ access to a local maltster improves their knowledge of Malt “The Soul of Beer” and deepens their mashing process experience. Knowledge and experience improve products and inspire innovation.

  3. Local maltsters enable malting of locally grown grain – a local malting operation and experienced maltster enable malting of local farm grown grain. Local malt enables brewers to craft a unique beer brewed with all locally malted grain or in complement with premium import malt.

  4. Local malt adds variety to products and enhances your story – brewing beer with local malt is regionally different, brings a seasonal variety and is unique and special. It creates a farm-malt-beer-customer relationship which deepens the connection of your customer to your beer and your brewery. Variety and this connection, appeals to local customers and also creates a memorable experience for destination customers and tourists.

  5. Locally malted grain is good for the community, the environment and the economy – sourcing local means more meaningful community relationships and uses less energy to transport (good for the environment). Local businesses create jobs, hire local contractors and build a stronger lasting economy.

Certainly, there are boundless opportunities and many more reasons for choosing a locally malted grain for your beer and your business, but knowing these 5 reasons sill help any craft brewer make the right choice. Cheers!